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Economy and maintenance, saving, softness, quality and convenience. A wide varity of roll towels, available in 2.0″ core.

Item #DescriptionUnitPallet
835 KT-207.75" x 350' Kraft Roll Towel 1-Ply12/CS40CS
835 BT-207.5" x 350' White Roll Towel 1-Ply12/CS40CS
842 KT-207.75" x 425' Kraft Roll Towel 1-Ply12/CS35CS
842 BT-207.75" x 425' White Roll Towel12/CS35CS
860 KT-207.75" x 600' Kraft Roll Towel 1-Ply12/CS35CS
860 BT-207.75" x 600' White Roll Towel 1-Ply12/CS35CS
880 KT-207.75" x 800' Kraft Roll Towel 1-Ply12/CS25CS
880 BT-207.75" x 800' White Roll Towel 1-Ply 6/CS50CS
880 BT-20800' Bleached Roll Towel12/CS25CS
880 BT-20/6 (HW800B-6)800' Bleached Roll Towel6/CS50CS
880 KT-20/6 (HW800N-6)800' Kraft Roll Towel6/CS50CS
1000BT-161000' Bleach Roll Towel (1.6" Core)12/CS25CS
880 KT-20/6 (HW800N-6)800' Kraft Roll Towel6/CS50CS
Single Roll Toilet Tissue
Item #DescriptionUnitPallet
BRT96-P4.33x3.5" Virgin Bathroom 2 Ply Tissue 500 Sheets/Roll96/CS25CS
SCBT363.85x4.00" Small Core Virgin 2 Ply Tissue 1000 Sheets/Roll36/CS49CS
FSBRT4.5x4" Virgin Bathroom 2 Ply Tissue 500 Sheets/Roll96/CS25CS

Softopia Premium Quality Bathroom Two Ply Tissues

Jumbo Tissue 3.25" Core Size
Item #DescriptionUnitPallet
123JT-302000' Sr. Jumbo Tissue 2-Ply6/CS42CS
922 JT 301000' Jr. Jumbo 2-Ply 12/CS42CS
JRT9S9 Inch Jr. Jumbo 2-Ply 12/CS42CS

Our Jumbo or Jr. Jumbo Rolls offer the best combination of quality and affordable price. Compare our high quality tissue with name brands and pay less. Available in 2-ply & 1-ply. Choose from our virgin or recyle tissue .

Jumbo Tissue 2.5" Core Size
Item #DescriptionUnitPallet
1525-210" JRT 2 Ply6CS56CS

Our product has the highest strength, absorbent, quality and consistency, is made of virgin fiber.

Multifold Towel
Item #DescriptionUnitPallet
888 BM-40Bleached Multifold Towel16/250 (4000/CS)48
999 KM-40Kraft Multifold Towel16/250 (4000/CS)48

Our bleach multifold has the highest strength, absorbent, quality and consistency, is made of virgin fiber. Our recyle kraft is made from 100% recycle.

Single Fold Towel
Item #DescriptionUnitPallet
SFK4000Kraft Single Fold Towel16/250 paper Wrapper25CS

The high quality Kraft single fold towel

Central Pull Towel 2.5" Core
Item #DescriptionUnitPallet
662 CP 30 (CP605-2)600' Bleach Center Pull Towel 6/CS50CS
265 CP 30265' Bleach Center Pull Towel 12/CS40CS
CP 550-2500' Bleach Center Towel6/CS50CS

2.5″ Core Centre pull Down Quality Towels

Dinner Napkin
Item #DescriptionUnitPallet
DN151715x17 Dinner 2 Ply Napkin3000/CS25CS

Our best combination of high quality and affordable price dinner napkins.

This is our regular stock product items. We can customize all products for your branding or according to your needs.

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