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Multifold Towel

Item #DescriptionUnitPallet
888 BM-40Bleached Multifold Towel16/250 (4000/CS)48
999 KM-40Kraft Multifold Towel16/250 (4000/CS)48
Our bleach multifold has the highest strength, absorbent, quality and consistency, is made of virgin fiber. Our recyle kraft is made from 100% recycle.

Jumbo Roll Toilet 3.25" Core Size Tissue

Item #DescriptionUnitPallet
123JT-302000' Sr. Jumbo Tissue 2-Ply6/CS42CS
922 JT 301000' Jr. Jumbo Tissue 2-Ply 12/CS42CS
JRT9S9 Inch Jr. Jumbo 2-Ply 12/CS42CS
Our Jumbo or Jr. Jumbo Rolls offer the best combination of quality and affordable price. Compare our high quality tissue with name brands and pay less. Available in 2-ply & 1-ply. Choose from our virgin or recyle tissue .

Roll Towel

Item #DescriptionUnitPallet
835 KT-20350' Kraft Roll Towel 12/CS40CS
835 BT-20350' Bleached Roll Towel12/CS40CS
842 KT-20425' Kraft Roll Towel12/CS35CS
842 BT-20425' Bleached Roll Towel12/CS35CS
860 KT-20600' Kraft Roll Towel12/CS35CS
860 BT-20600' Bleached Roll Towel12/CS35CS
880 KT-20800' Kraft Roll Towel12/CS25CS
800 HW6730' Roll Towel Std Bleach8/CS50CS
880 BT-20800' Bleached Roll Towel12/CS25CS
880 BT-20/6 (HW800B-6)800' Bleached Roll Towel6/CS50CS
880 KT-20/6 (HW800N-6)800' Kraft Roll Towel6/CS50CS
1000BT-161000' Bleach Roll Towel12/CS50CS
Economy and maintenance, saving, softness, quality and convenience. A wide varity of roll towels, available in 2.0" core.

Central Pull Towel & Fold Napkin

Item #DescriptionUnitPallet
662 CP 30 (CP605-2)600' Bleach Center Pull Towel 6/CS50CS
265 CP 30265' Bleach Center Pull Towel 12/CS40CS
CP 550-2500' Bleach Center Towel6/CS50CS
DN151715X17 Dinner Napkin 2 Ply3000/CS25CS
2.5" Core Centre pull Down Quality Towels & Tall Fold Napkins


Item #DescriptionUnitPallet
BRT96-P4.33x3.5" Premium Bathroom 2 Ply Tissue 500 Sheets/Roll96/CS25CS
SCBT363.85x4.00" Small Core Virgin 2 Ply Tissue 1000 Sheets/Roll36/CS49CS
Recycle and Premium Quality Bathroom Two Ply Tissues

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